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Tiêu đề: Our client–INTERNATIONAL F&B COMPANY–searching for Assistant Restaurant Manager
Gửi bởi: jobstreet.com trong Tháng Tư 23, 2013, 10:40:32 AM
DON’T MISS IT OUT ! - An opportunity to participate in an international Management Development Training Program - setting you on the right path to a bright career future with our client.

* Responsibilities:

+ Be responsible for all aspects of their restaurant operations including restaurant quality, service and cleanliness standards, sales, people practices and profitability.

+ Recruit, lead and develop people to deliver outstanding quality, service, cleanliness and value, excellence in safety standards.

+ Build sales and control costs to deliver optimum business results effective store systems.

* Requirements:
+ Passion about Food/ Beverage Industry.
+ Strong interpersonal skills and effective leadership skills whilst being a team player


APPLY NOW! Or send your resume to: info-vn@jobstreet.com

Click onto the the link below to see the Job Description:
http://myjobstreet.jobstreet.vn/r.php?eb=6688&url=http://www.jobstreet.vn/jobs/2013/4/default/30/13125.htm?fr=21&src=11 (http://myjobstreet.jobstreet.vn/r.php?eb=6688&url=http://www.jobstreet.vn/jobs/2013/4/default/30/13125.htm?fr=21&src=11)